Friday, May 4, 2012

baby in a sink

Mornings are one of my favorite times of the day! shocking because I'm not really a morning person. But once all the craziness calms down, Brian and Julia have left for work and school, It's just me and my baby girl for about an hour. Then more craziness comes when the babies arrive for the day. 

Usually we sit on the couch eating pancakes and watch the morning news together. Belle gets a little sticky from the syrup so I sometimes stick her in the sink for a quick wash up.
I sat her in there and realized shes almost too big!! So I reached for my camera and snapped a few pictures.  I don't want to forget these little morning moments.
Although I love the above picture I knew it was a typical straight on shot so I want to change my angles. That's a huge Photography tip. Always change your angles! nothing else in the next few pictures were changed, it's still a baby in a sink with bubbles but each picture is it's own story all because I moved myself around.

 So my challenge for you is the next time you go to snap a picture, you should Move!!! find a different angle and snap away.

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