Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cake ball disaster...well sort of

For our Thanksgiving dinner with Richard we were asked to bring something. Given my past cooking disasters 1 and  2,  I wanted something simple. I choose this cake ball ice cream cone recipe. The best part The Julia could do it all with little help from me. so if it didn't turn out good I would just blame her.... Just Kidding! 

First we made a box cake and then crumbled it all up in a bowl. 
 Then added a tub of Icing:

The icing acted like a glue and we rolled the cake into little balls.

Once we had the Balls perfect we stuck them in the freezer to get a little firm.
We placed one cake ball into an ice cream cone and added more icing and topped it with sprinkles.
I think they turned out adorable! probably a little too much sugar for most people! But there were a few kiddos at the thanksgiving dinner that couldn't get enough of them.
Julia did a great job! But then I had to mess it all up.... (of course) 
You see I didn't have any kind of container to carry them in standing up. so I laid them down on their sides in hopes they would be OK......... not so much.........

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