Wednesday, May 2, 2012

America -vs- Uganda

I was so worried Richard would feel like we were spoiled and ungrateful for all the luxuries we have. But he didn't show any kind of resentment toward us. he just asked questions and loved learning about how we do things in our country. 
It was so exciting to watch Richard get so excited over everyday things we have in America. 

American Houses:"They are so well planned"

                                                                    Ugandan house:

Ugandan Streets:
most are not paved and have the biggest ditches and holes scattered everywhere!
 American Streets "I would crash or get pulled over because I am used to driving too fast!"

Uganda bota bota:

                             American motorcycle with a Mohawk dog in the back seat:
                (we told him that's not normal here but some people do dress their pets up.)

Ugandan Dishwasher:
                                                              American Dishwasher:

                                        "you American's think of everything!" Richard said.

Ugandan lawn mower:
                                               He couldn't wait to cut the grass himself!

"More food?!?  Now I understand why my friends come back from the USA with big bellies!"
                                                                         Uganda menu:
                                                                   lunch:beans and rice
                                                            dinner: meat, beans and rice

Church in Uganda is full of dancing and loud singing!
 Our church he said had very beautiful songs. But even though we went to church on Saturday night he didn't feel comfortable missing church on Sunday and had to wake up bright and early to catch the first Mass.

At the Krohn's Conservatory we saw plants from Africa. 

 He didn't understand why we take plants from other countries and give them a special place. in fact one of the plants we saw he told me they cut that one down because it hurts the surrounding crops. in other words we put a weed in our museum!
Someone asked me if I thought once Richard got here he wouldnt want to go back to Uganda. I know  he loves his friends and his time here but Richard is dedicated to his job and his life back in Uganda.Why would he stay here when he is doing such amazing work for God in a place that truly needs him just because we have a dish washer or nice cars and houses? That's not Richard and That the number one reason I love him so much!

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