Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This past weekend we went to my great grandma's 86th birthday party! That means Stella got to meet her great-great grandma! (how many people can say that?)
 Some awesome summers were spent at my Grandma Peak's house. I will never forget the hours or riding bikes in her back yard or climbing the trees, chasing her dogs. We got to drink pop when ever we wanted and play with the thousands of toys in her basement! Grandma was always standing in her kitchen watching us from the window while we played countless games of pig and knock out at the basketball court. I remember laughing and playing and having the best time at grandma peaks house.
 The past few years have been hard on Grandma and she is now living in an assisted living center. She is one of the most stubborn women I know and no matter how wonderful the center is she would rather be living back at her house taking care of us instead of having people take care of her. 
It makes me sad to think of all the children running around at Grandma's party that will never get to spend a summer at Grandma's like I did. but I am glad for the afternoon with her and the rest of the family celebrating her birthday.
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