Monday, December 10, 2012

being cheap

I am cheap
really cheap
here's an example:
I didn't want to spend money on curtains for my dinning room because It's still a HUGE work in progress. you see it started out looking really dark with a weird reddish purple brown color walls. I found a really light blue almost white can of paint in the basement and thought why not.
well I ran out of that color fast! none of the edges around the windows or doors got finished.
Then I figured why not make a stencil and do a neat pattern over top.
Well the DIY stencil maker wasn't working out too well it kept ripping and moving every time I went to paint over it.
I took a break after getting frustrated with all the little imperfections. thinking it will just grow on me and I will finish it later.
I still like the idea I had but all the little mistakes just make me mad. so much so that I told my husband if I had paid someone and this is what they did I would probably cuss them out. and i am not a cuss-er :)
so any who...
 I feel like I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to decorating my house. I know the overall ideas that I like and design style I want but I take to many short cuts and I am too cheap to actually do things the right way. I mean we plan on living here for a LONG time and I want my house to look good, not sloppy. so I have come to the conclusion that I am going to just not do anything....

so with all that said I decided to make paper curtains. That way if I don't like them I can just chalk up the $1.00 that I spent and not feel guilty about it.

note: we need new blinds too! agh!

yeah I realize this is so not pinterest worthy or maybe something you would want to try at your house. but its what I did. so there you go. I feel a little depressed after writing this post! 
I have to just keep in mind that next spring I am getting a new kitchen and my husband and I will be working hard to remodel the house the right way!!! :)

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