Monday, June 10, 2013

A letter to Julia

Dear Julia,
When I think of an 8 year old I don't think of a baby or little kid, I think of a child that's growing more independent. She is strong and confident. spreading her wings and getting a little taste of the real world
 yet she's still so innocent and carefree. she hates to admit it but she still depends on her mommy for butterfly kisses to make scraps and cuts to heal or her daddy for tucking her in at night and checking under the bed. Her laugh is one of the greatest sounds of the world, it's that belly jiggling giggle that is so contagious. She believes in the good in everyone she meets and holds her family so close to her heart. Her sisters are her closest friends and biggest fans.
 Age 8 is that age that makes me want to cry for hours and cling tight to all the baby pictures and memories. I will never get that time back again and I will forever miss it. your missing tooth smile and the way you mispronounce words or reach up to be held. The times I had to cut up your food and buckle your seat belt. your growing up and I know your going to roll your eyes at me when you read this someday but you will always be my baby girl. The one that choose me to be her mommy. as sad as I am that time is flying by I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. daddy and I both agree that you will turn out to be an amazing person but your strong will and that brain of yours is going to make this ride one bumpy road with a lot of ups and downs. no matter how much you fight and rebel and eye roll and talk back we would not trade you for the world. remember we fought hard to be your parents and that is a job we will see through. just do me this one favor Don't ever change. keep that smile, laugh, big heart and love for us because those are my favorite things about you and what makes you THE JULIA.
p.s. Happy Birthday

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