Monday, July 29, 2013

his man cave/ prayer request

now to share my husband's computer room
it's a little room although these pictures make it look bigger
the furniture was froma  dear friend that just one day called me and asked if we would like them. 
I love free and I love friends that think of us before throwing nice things away :)
(yes he has 3 monitors....that's a whole nother story! but we are past that and he does use all of them)

 We had been on the look out for a small couch to fit in here for his friends and sometimes me to have a place to sit while visiting in his room. and yes Twinkie (hamster) back in the corner has like a HUGE 2 story cage!

this is my husbands version of a man cave. He is a true computer nerd but I think he's the hottest :P I mean seriously he has some wierd water cooling thing that runs his computer that he built from stratch! 
any it's kind of ironic to me that I am sharing his room today because today is a big day for him! He recently got a job opportunity and has been trying to figure out things and what route he wants to continue with his career. He is super excited about and feels he would be perfect for it so today he goes in for an interview!!!! we have been praying very hard for this and hope you will join us. he/we need this more than you know!
thank you :)

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