Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm gardening...hopefully

Before I get started I want to say
1. I know absolutely zero about gardens!
2. I am probably doing 1,000 things wrong
3. my kids were so excited to do this and didn't care about #1 or #2
4. did I mention my lack of a green thumb?

OK my wonderful cousin-in-law/friend Alicia gave us a few gardening kits she picked up 
it seemed pretty easy and simple
each kit has seeds needed to grow vegetables or herbs for a meal
We choose to grow the stir fry and pizza kit.
also each kit has a website pass code that will send you to a kid friendly website and videos on how to grow your veggies.

 Last week all our seeds were sprouting so the website said it was time to take them outside!
well we don't have a garden for veggies but my side garden were I planted wild Flowers never grew so we cleared out all the weeds and used that spot.
and my little animal lover found a worm

 Lil Stella had the important job of watching and sucking her thumb
 Here is what it looks like.......
 The Julia's friend told me that her neighbor (which is also ours) has a HUGE garden were he grows all kinds of food!
 I might have to find some kind of courage and actually introduce myself to him and learn a thing or two..... I really hope he doesn't laugh at me and my little want-a-be garden.
  I have been picking up a few bulbs now and then and planting them in the front. last year tons of my flowers grew but this year not many did...:( I have been kind of picky about what flowers I wanted only pink! but there was some kind of mix up in the flower department and they put these flowers in the pink flower package!! I was half tempted to dig them up once I noticed they were in fact not pink!

 so far our snow peas, and Roma tomatoes have continued to grow really well! the others are still there but I haven't noticed much of a difference. I will keep you updated and if you have any tips I would LOVE to hear them! 
but first make sure you read my disclaimer at the top of this post.

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  1. I would love to garden! Someday when I buy a house of my own, I will give it a try!!


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