Friday, August 23, 2013

to be continued!

Everybody remember my answered prayer while I was visiting Uganda?!
read here
Baby Julie changed my life in so many ways!
I have a special part in my heart for her and all the newborns at Cove Alliance medical clinic.
I know without a shadow of a doubt I will be travel back and visit with my Uganda family
but God has made it very clear to me that right now at this point in my life I am needed here. 
so with that being said I don't want to just sit back and wait for that time to come
I want to keep contributing to this amazing wonderful place that was build on love, faith and the desire to turn a nightmare into a safe place for children to learn and grow.
This past weekend I hosted  photography mini sessions
here are some of the absolutley adorable pictures that were captured:

and all the proceeds are going to the medical clinic in Uganda! it will help future newborns and mothers to get the care they need right after delivery! I am so excited to announce I raised $300!!! not bad for a stay at home mommy/photographer right?!?!
To learn more about Cove allience visit here
and to read more about my mission trip here are some of my most favorite post :
father Hilary
slide show
I am so excited to continue to work with this orginization and watch the children grow. please if you would like to help in anyway feel free to contact me or anyone eles on the Cove website!

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  1. That is sooo exciting!!! Congratulations on raising that amount of money for an awesome cause!!! The pictures are fabulous!


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