Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Karen Sue is a wonderful person! There is really no other way to describe her! I remember one point during our trip Karen Sue told me I reminder her of herself when she was younger. I took this as a great compliment because I strive to be the kind of person she is. I love her!
While on our trip in Uganda I knew it was so important to Karen Sue to meet her sponsor child, Teddy. everyday she would ask if that was the day. Then it finally came we were all piled into our trucks and heading down deep into the jungle to Teddy's families house. Karen Sue was beyond excited to meet the little girl she had been writing to for over a year.
When we got there the family had made us hard boiled eggs (my favorite)! I sat in the corner with egg in my hand and a little naked butt baby in the other! Heaven!

This Karen Sue and Teddy:

Then Teddy's father told us they had a gift to give us. Teddy went outside and walked in with this LIVE chicken! she sat it down on Karen Sue's lap and said "Thank you for sending me to school."
Karen Sue was speechless! But really what can you say? We were told it was a great honor to be given a chicken. It is the biggest gift someone could give you.
in the car Karen sue tried to talk Father Hilary into letting us build a chicken coop at the Cove center for the other children to eat the eggs. but Father Hilary said no. he said Teddy's family would take great offence if we did not eat the chicken. so after much resistance from Karen Sue she finally agreed.
That night we carried our table outside and ate our delicious dinner under the African stars! the whole dinner I kept pinching myself saying is this real?
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