Friday, January 31, 2014

sluggish and bored

January is a tough month for me.
I feel so cooped up and cold because of the weather. it puts a big damper on taking pictures since no one really wants to smile outside while shivering in the snow.
We have been trying to survive these last 31 days
but it's not been easy

I have been working on crafts with the kids and will talk more on that soon
The girls favorite time of day is when Daddy walks in the door. he literally drops everything and gives them each hugs and kisses.
We also have been trying to deep clean each room. now there is more space to twirl around
thank goodness January is almost over! 
But then my Grandma reminded me that normally February is a harsher month weather wise than January! Thanks Grandma!
And already I know this coming week is going to be filled with more snow and cold!
So I need help!
I am running out of ideas to keep the kids happy!
What indoor activities do you do on snow days?

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