Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It is really no secret how much I love family heirlooms and antique anything.
I mean my wedding dress was 75 years old on MY wedding day!
 I just love things with stories and meaning to people. 
So one day while looking around my sisters closet I found a few treasures.
My absolute favorite baby doll growing up was baby Sarah. 
I named her after my babysitter's daughter
who 20 something years later I actually photographed Sarah's wedding!
anyway Baby Sarah has been through A LOT!
I remember one day wanting to make her a Halloween costume and so I drew on her face with pen.
the pen marks are still there.
I didn't like her eye lashes and tried to cut them off but one corner I still to this day can't reach a few hairs.
my little mommy in the making claimed baby Sarah the second she saw her. 
I knew I needed to get a few pictures..

 Then I found my mother's first holy communion dress and also was passed down to me when I made my first holy communion!
My mom pointed out that even when I was little I was wanting to wear hand me down's lol
It's a little big on Miss Belle but not by much.
she loved it and kept singing the wedding march as she was walking down the steps to show her papaw.

I cherish these pictures and memories.
and the fact that my girls are now enjoying them just touches my heart a million times more.
seriously nothing better.

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