Wednesday, May 14, 2014


My girl Julia
she's special
from the second I saw that baby girl I knew she was going to do great things.
She has this drive to try everything.
she doesn't want to go through life without at least once trying it.
food, trill rides, sports, clubs, activities, games you name it.
she is never satisfied.
this is a trait I love but at the same time I admit it frustrates me.
she a little sponge and is always wanting more.
she brought home a flyer for Tae-kwon-do
she had to do it.
I had to sign her up and let her try it out.
it worked out pretty good because it's right after school in the cafeteria and the older kids I babysit were going to sign up too.
but after a few weeks that hungry heart for life wanted more.
she was bored and ready for something new. 
but I knew a chapter in the mother-hood handbook is 'finish what you started'
(there is a handbook right?)
so very reluctantly she did.

 and she graduated!
 I hope she's thinking "wow all that hard work paid off! my mom was right!"
 I can hope.
but in reality she's thinking "all that work for a paper? can we hurry up so we can eat our pizza?!"
 I am kind of in love with these dirty toes. I wont touch them cause that grosses me out but she definitely has her daddy's feet and that makes me laugh.
 my beautiful girl! I am so proud!
 she earned her yellow stripe!
the instructor informed me that anyone that earned a yellow stripe is eligible to receive free lessons over the summer! she quickly responded "NO!"
I have heard great things about Tea-Kwan-do classes. I personally have always wanted to learn more self defense tactics. but The Julia is special. so if your child loves it I am so glad for you. we are still trying to find what Julia has a niche for. she started Tennis this week and after one lesson she loves it, it's only a waiting game to see if that changes.........

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