Thursday, May 15, 2014

I might have a green thumb

from the first time we saw our back yard I wanted to plant a vegetable garden.
This kind of seems crazy because the only vegetable I eat is green beans and I know absolutely NOTHING about being a gardener.
after years of trying to convince my husband
and him always listing the reason not to do it. I talked to my mother in law and she planned a day where her my step-father in law and their friend Jesse would come over and just build some raised beds weather Brian liked it or not.
I was so excited!!!
 It really was a family effort:

 and even though Brian was against the idea he didn't complain one bit. Just rolled up his sleeves and helped build them.
 We painted rocks for our different markers to tell apart the plants.
 Miss Belle was so excited to make a scarecrow. It was kind of just thrown together with things I found. Belle named her Helen, I have no clue why....
Me and the girls are so excited! fingers a crossed the we get something but honestly if after all this work and I only get 1 Strawberry I will feel accomplished! if anyone has any helpful tips for our first garden PLEASE share!!!
plus I choose this spot in the yard because there will be enough room for a chicken coop someday. just need to convince my husband or talk the mother in law for another surprise visit ;) I will pay her with that 1 strawberry :D

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