Saturday, October 25, 2014

pumpkins 2014

We have TONS of squirrels in our neighborhood
and they always eat our pumpkins :( 
so I wanted to wait as long as possible to actually do our pumpkins this year.
the girls are not big fans of getting too messy with gooey things so they opted to paint their pumpkins 

 not Daddy though, he wanted to carve.

 I let the girls get one CD from the library and they always check out the Despicable me soundtrack.
it has a few songs sung by the minions and they think it's the funniest thing in the world. so I did my pumpkin in honor of their favorite singers.
 Julia wanted to do Elmo. she knew her little sisters would like it.


 she wanted to help

 then changed her mind
our finished pumpkins
 if you remember this picture from last year.
I really wanted to recreate it using all my girls
but Julia is a social butterfly lately and had a Halloween party to go to. 
so I had to settle for just these two in the picture.

it's always one of my favorite days when we all sit around the table for a few hours crafting our pumpkins. I hope even when they are all social butterflies running off to Halloween parties they still let me have a few crafting nights together.

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