Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stella's Minnie mouse

like years before I look so SO forward to hand making my kids Halloween costumes!
as many of you know that have seen my diy projects things are not perfect.
I don't measure, use patterns or really any rules when I sew.
I just wing it.

Stella's Minnie Mouse
Stella is a huge Minnie mouse fan.
and it was only natural that she really wanted to be Minnie mouse for Halloween this year
I was so excited becasue I had this fabric left over from other projects and there was plenty to make the costume!
Here is how I made the Minnie mouse bow:
drew a simple bow outline on the fabric
 cut out two
 sewed together with a tiny opening and stuffed it to give it a little puffiness then hand sewed the opening together.
 next I took a strip of the fabric and cut and sewed it to wrap around the middle.

 used some hot glue and glued it to a hair clip
 for her skirt I just cut and sewed on the fabric to an already red skirt. 
she is just wearing a simple black long sleeve shirt
and we got a pair of mouse ears (not pictured)
I will be taking better pictures of them all dolled up with makeup and hair on Halloween (as long as I am not giving birth!)

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