Wednesday, October 29, 2014


like years before I look so SO forward to hand making my kids Halloween costumes!
as many of you know that have seen my diy projects things are not perfect.
I don't measure, use patterns or really any rules when I sew.
I just wing it.
to go along with all her other halloween costumes based on her name
I was so excited she was on board for a Tinker Belle costume.
again I didn't want to spend any money on making the costumes so I searched my box of fabric and found a bunch of green cloth napins.
I cut them into strips an then sewed together just to give it a more rugged feel because I like the more lost boy look of Tinkerbell instead of the sparkly tutu Tinkerbell.

 added a button and button hole and now it's a cape
 I took a Tinkerbelle t-shirt and a bottom of a old green dress-up dress and sewed them together. 
ok just a touch of sparkle and tutu

 I made the wings but they are not the greatest and I debated on just gettign a pair at the dollar store but I hav eno energy left 
she has the perfect hair color for Tinkerbell but the length is a whole nother story. 
she makes a perfect TinkerBelle!!!

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