Tuesday, October 7, 2014

sneaky grins and all

I read this study about how Daughters are more likely to care for their elderly parents than sons. 
I told my Hubby that we are set for when  the time comes that we are too old and need help wiping our behinds :)
These three test us, push us, and make up want to pull our hair out!
 But they also give us more Joy than anything possibly could.
I always sneak in one last kiss on each forehead before I head to bed at night and I am always taken aback. they look like beautiful angels and I fall madly in love with being their mommy and all the hard stresses of the day just go away. I thank the lord for my blessings and ask him to make me the kind of mom they need.
we are awaiting yet one more little girl into this bunch! I am so excited to learn about her personality and how she will fit with our family puzzle. how her big sisters will include her in all their games and stories. o the memories they will create with each other. 
I look forward to the adult thanksgiving dinners where we all sit and talk about their childhood. listening to the wedding toast they give each other as bridesmaids at their weddings. 
I am sort of rambling here but I just have so much love and hopes and dreams for my girls that I feel like I am going to burst!
and I wanted to post these pictures before it gets too far into fall that it just seems weird they are shoeless and in shorts and sun dresses.

We have extremely hard days and I am sure someday all too soon with 4 teenage girls the hard days will be HARD! 
but the good out weighs the bad
the dirty looks and mean words are not true feelings
The drama is never ending
but the love isn't either!
and in the middle of a fit I turn to my husband and say
"someday it will be one of them taking care of us. which one do you want?"
they sure do have that sneaky grin down right?!?!

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