Friday, October 10, 2014

Home school preschool: music week

My house is always full of signing.
even the mundane topics are sung. 
like "I am taking a bath. Taking a bath."
"we're going to the store! going to theeeeeeee store!"
I am not gifted with the beautiful voice I wish I had. 
my husband is a really good singer but he is not one to actually sing in front of people.
Julia also seems to have a good voice.
she is not afraid of signing in public though
she sings all the time and listens to the radio 24-7.
Miss Belle takes after her mom but no matter how tone deaf we are we belts out a silly song every chance we gets.  but of course only as long as Belle doesn't think anyone is listening to her.
I guess that part comes from her daddy.

So this week in Home school preschool we learned all about...

we sang:
do-re-me from the sound of music.
she checks this soundtrack out from the library every time it's her turn to choose the CD.

We read:
I'm good at making music (I can only find the Spanish version on the internet but the English was at the library)

she crafted a drum.
using this tutorial as a base, but just with supplies we had on hand.
 the next day we played a guess what this instrument is game. 
I hid all the instruments in a box and played them while she pointed at a picture of the instrument. of course afterwards she had to test them out herself. this made me regret choosing music as a topic because we typically do preschool during nap time!
 We then incorporated her numbers. she had to put the number of strings that was listed on the guitar. My dad plays electric guitar in a band. here is a sample from a few years ago.
 (I love when they do this song because even though it's a "fiddle" song I love how my dad has a awesome solo part.) 
she was so excited about this project she made me cut out a guitar after so she can practice like Papa John.
 Then we attempted to write a song of our own......
This didn't go so well.
It asked her to come up with a topic and then brain storm some sentences to sing about the topic.
I just don't think she's completely ready for that kind of  creative writing experience because all she  would say was:
and yes we could make a song with the colors of the rainbow but I didn't feel like she was actually grasping the concept of putting your own made up sentences into a song that went with a topic. But like I said she does it all the time without thinking while she's using the restroom or cleaning up her toys. so maybe I just didn't push her hard enough. but instead we just listened to other songs that kids made up and she followed along with the words in a book.
We also watch Disney's Fantasia. 
I loved this movie growing up and knew my little artist would too.
the stories and cartoons go so well with the music and she was hooked.
we talked about the different moods that went with the music like angry or happy, sad or scared.

Her workbook included the triangle shape and number 5
 plus she had a little test of all the numbers so far. (0-5)
she did awesome! 

We continued to recite our prayers and she even recognizes them when we say the 'our father' at church on Sundays now! we might look a little silly doing our little dance/sign language to the prayer while everyone else in Mass are just holding their hands out but I am OK with that.

Even though we didn't write our own song I still felt like she learned a lot and had fun. Friday was our scheduled day off of preschool and she actually got kind of upset she didn't have work to do.

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