Monday, October 13, 2014

Decades of Maternity pictures

I am so excited to show these off!
I am a HUGE fan of history.
I am sure that's not a big secret since I have the biggest soft spot for heirlooms and passing down antiques.
a dear friend of mine has been working hard. clearing through her mother's house after her very sad passing. Her mother collected and saved so many awesome treasures over the years and I am so grateful for Jen to graciously to let me barrow a few items of clothing for a maternity photo shoot project I have been itching to do!

Maternity photos is still a relatively new idea. 
most grandmothers/great grandmothers roll their eyes when new moms take pictures of their belly.
ad that got me thinking what would it have looked like if women from different decades had taken these type of pictures. I wanted to have the edits also reflect what the picture would actually look like if taken during the time frame.
So my wonderful sister got off work one day for me and we spent the whole day driving around Cincinnati finding locations that would work well with the outfits/ theme of the decade.
we sat in my car and she did all my hair and makeup and took the pictures for me.
we got lost, and I was attacked by a bee and she recused me. we had lots of stares and a group of drunk guys whistling at me and she shhhed them away
she's awesome
come travel in time with me :)





I am so in love with them!!
and a HUGE thank you to Jen, Jeri and my Husband for doing their parts in letting me have a fun day of creative freedom! love you guys!!

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