Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Daddy's tradition

because of the circumstances surrounding Julia's birth 
Brian wasn't able to be there.
He didn't actually meet Julia until after she was 2 weeks old.
 I remember him coming over to my house after meeting his daughter for the first time and he was almost in tears. He showed me her pictures and talked over and over about how she grabbed his finger and just stared at him.
I will never forget how happy he was to be a daddy. 
I don't want to get into all the details about everything that happened between Brian and Julia's birth mom. because it's not my story and we feel like Julia deserves to hear the whole truth when she is ready for it and that will take place before anything gets put on the internet. 
but I do want to state that my husband is the most amazing dad and from day one he has always put Julia's best interest first and I support 100% every decision he makes for all of our kids. He went to hell and back. and he is a better person because of it.
 everyone that knows him and the whole story are so proud of him.

 so the reason for this post is 
because the day he found out he was a daddy for the first time he went out and bought a red stuff animal dog.
he saved it and gave it to Julia after he brought her home.
Then 5 years later we were at the hospital meeting Miss Belle for the first time he brought in a pink teddy bear for her.
2 years after that a little white kitten for lil Stella
I was so excited to see this tradition continue with Hazel. 

The only difference this time was Miss Belle 
she was beyond so excited for her new baby sister and she really wanted to be apart of this tradition of buying her first stuff animal from her Daddy.
after that first night at the hospital with Hazel I told Brian to run home and pick up a few things we forgot (it was cold and I didn't bring my coat!) 
and to also take Belle with him.
They made a pit stop to the toy store and he said Belle was carefully looking through the whole isle of stuff animals for just the right one.
He had to steer her away from the giant ones 
you know like the carnival sized ones that take up to whole bed.
because that's a big suffocation hazard for a newborn.
I will never forget that big smile Belle had when she burst through that hospital door with a white kitten in hand.
Hazel didn't really bat an eye or say thank you for her gift 
this white kitten means the world to Brian and her big sister Belle.
and for me 
all the stuff animals hold a huge place in my heart because they are a tangible proof that my kids have the best Daddy ever!

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