Monday, November 17, 2014

Hazel Nut-2weeks

Hazel nut.
That's what we are calling her 
she is now 2 weeks old!
This baby is absolutely the easiest baby 
she's so laid back and sweet.
she sleeps a lot!
I have to wake her up by stripping her naked and changing her diaper sometimes even wiping her down with a cool wash cloth just to get her to eat.
I am breast feeding again and will have a whole new post about it soon
so waking her up is important for me to get some relief.

 She hates being cold and loves doing skin to skin-chest to chest as long as there is a blanket draped on her back. she really is not a fan of any kind of cold. I guess she gets that form me. poor girl being a Nov baby stinks in that way. 
 she's already so used to the crazy loudness of a house full of drama queens.
she typically sleeps right threw her sisters loud squeals and singing. after bedtime Hazel is at her most alert. I think she knows it's her turn to have mommy and daddy all to herself.
then around 10 pm she gets a little fussy falls asleep around 11 and sleeps till 1, eats then is passed out till 6am!!! it's so strange to me to have a baby basically sleep through the night.
Me and Brian are completely in love with her.

It's always mind boggling to me how we ever lived without our children. even at 2 weeks old I can't imagine my life without my Hazel Nut.
I stare at her and I just feel my heart burst with love for this perfect little being that we created. there is nothing like this feeling. the only thing I can describe it is like falling completely madly in love with this little person.
I love you Hazel Gwendolyn. Happy 2 weeks baby girl.
and just to forewarn you sweetheart you will have lots of photo shoots in your future. because God made you so beautiful and it's my job to document every stage :)

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