Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture updates

Because of the accident I am still without a car :( maybe for another week or two. so I have had to make the sad desicion to stop making NEW photography appointments. (IF WE HAVE AN APOINTMENT ALREADY SCHEDUAL I WILL BE THERE!) This past weekend my wonderful husband stayed at home with the girls and let me take our only car to get some great pictures of these two families!

First up is the Ziegler's!
I did their pictures last year and was so excited they asked me to do them again this year! they are such a fun family!

I experienced something on this shoot I never have before or think i ever will with any other family! :) as we were wrapping things up and walking to our cars The men started screaming and throwing rocks. Their dog Dirks starting barking like crazy! then I saw this raccoon run right underneath the car! The dad shouted "no one get close I think he has rabies!" all of the sudden the brother pulled out his hunting gun and shot him! It happened so fast! I wasn't scared but it was all just so crazy. now before anyone gets upset about a dead raccoon. let it be know this family knows what they are doing and if they think he had rabies I believe them and i am glad the raccoon is out of his misery.

next up I went to the Edan park to take pictures for a bunch of grand-kids! they wanted to get some shots of them together and separate for a calendar for their grandma! HOW SWEET!!!!

These last couple of pictures were taken at the art meuseum and befor i get more comemnts about I want mine done there! This family had special connections with the muesum which is how we got these done. They usually dont allow it unless you pay a really good amount of money! But it's a great place to visit I wanted to hang out there all day and look at all the pretty art! but I had two babies and a husband stranded at home, with no car :(

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