Wednesday, February 1, 2012

forbidden bathroom

The people that were living in our house before us were trying to remodel things and they stopped before they really got started on the inside. Lucky for us the major things were taken care of! (siding, windows, heater, roof) All we have to do is make the inside beautiful like we want it!
The downstairs bathroom is.............. tiny!!!!! very tiny!!!! It was also extremely dirty and gross! We decided that would be a complete redo replace EVERYTHING room! but in the mean time I made it my cleaning supply room. FYI I am very embarrassed to show you these pictures and my husband even caught me before I uploaded them and asked why would I put these online? My answer? I don't know! lol but here you go:

Like I said the people before us only just got started remodeling the inside of the house. They wanted to strip the paint off the walls in the bathroom. Not sure exactly how this happened but the ugly red color was left dripping down the shower! If this does not look like a scene from a horror movie I don't know what does!
I put a sign on the door letting everyone know NOT TO GO INTO THIS BATHROOM!!!! it works I was just so embarrassed about the mess so instead of cleaning it I made everyone go upstairs to use the restroom.

All the pregnancy books I have ever read always talked about a nesting period. Where the mom feels like everything is really dirty and germ filled. she then goes on a cleaning spree and cleans everything until its bleached-disinfected-sparkly-lick it safe clean! I never really experienced that with miss Belle but this pregnancy I have organized every closet, drawer, and room except the forbidden downstairs bathroom.

I rolled my sleeves up and turned on some Celine Dion (she makes cleaning fun!) And got to work!

The blood dripping walls are still there but I am working my way around the house painting rooms and I will guaranty before the new baby arrives The blood will be gone!!!!!


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