Thursday, March 22, 2012

it's complete!

Have you ever gotten an E-mail that changed your whole day? Made you so excited for someone or many people? Made you wish so desperately that you were there in person to share in their joy?

Let me start at the beginning......

I signed Julia up for Preschool back in 2009-2010. We felt like it would be good for her to meet other kids her age, to learn and get her ready for school. She loved it! but surprisingly her favorite part was every Friday the kids would go to mass. It's not your typical Sunday morning mass. It was designed for the kids with songs and lessons they would understand. plus it was a lot shorter in length giving the fact that 4 year olds can't sit for an hour. I would go with them and every time Father Tom would walk in the Julia would jump up and down shouting
"Hi Father God! Father God hi! do you see me?! Hi!" (kids say the darnedest things) He would always crack a smile and give her a little wave. I knew in those moments Julia was this little sponge and she would hang on every word he would say. She was excited about church and Jesus and what could be better than that?

On our mission trip I saw the same enthusiasm in the kids at Cove as I did in Julia's eyes! They were so excited to learn from Father Tom. They wanted to spend every waking second with him. They flocked to him just like I imagine children did with Jesus. Father Tom is a great Priest and teacher and friend.

(my favorite picture)
One of Father Tom's goals while we were there in Uganda was to teach the children how to play basketball. They love sports but Basketball is not one of the top sports they play. So Father Tom was determined to get them a basketball court built. He drew out the plans and we all decided to put a portion of the money we raised before our trip toward building the court. The local people were so excited to start working. this is what it looked like when we left:

They don't have cement trucks like we do in America. they have piles of rocks! someone has to grind the rocks adding water to make cement! I was in awe!! my dad is a cement construction worker and I thought about all the hard physical work he does and the cement is already made for him! I couldn't even guess how long this would take the locals to complete the floor of the basketball court.
But the other day I got my answer! In that E-mail that changed my day! made me so excited to the kids, the teachers, and the families. The E-mail that made me want to put on my UK wildcats gear and head over to Uganda and teach the kids how to dribble, block, and shoot free throws! The basketball court is COMPLETE!

Father Tom has since been transferred to another church that really needs him. but we get to see him at times and this summer we are planing a luncheon when Father Hilary and the ladies from Chicago come to visit. I can't wait to hear Father Tom's excitement over the basketball court! I know that will be one of his top things to do when we go back; Shoot some hoops!

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