Thursday, April 5, 2012


My family has a weak spot for picnics! There is just something about eating outside in the grass soaking up the sun. Last week we did just that:

Afterwards we chased each other around the playground for an hour!

As I got into my car I realized I was out of breath! All the packing and loading and running and trying to keep up with three energetic children all the while carrying an extra 20 pounds in baby, caught up with me. For a split second I doubted our adventure. maybe I should have taken it easy and stayed at home.
   I glanced at my rear view mirror and noticed three sets of eyes shut peacefully, herd three different snoring sounds! All the stress in my body went away and I felt a new feeling of accomplishment. I set out to spend quality time with the kids and I did just that! We had such a great time that it wore them out! I thanked God for giving me this day and rewarding me with a quite car ride home.

Here's to many more picnic's to come!
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