Tuesday, April 3, 2012

cats like to eat birds

Last night I made yummy steak dinner and some blue cupcakes! what was the special occasion?
 um well just a little thing called NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! 
as predicted in my madness post, My beloved UK wildcats made it all the way! so I had to go all out!
They don't look picture perfect but they tasted great! and my husband ate seven of them when we were not looking!!!!
 I sported my Blue's. And all my OG people should recognize my tie/belt :P I used to wear tie as belts in high school thinking it would be a great trend and everyone would jump on board. not so much but I still like it!
 Then decided to slip into something a little more sexy.............................o lala!

 Then I propped my feet up and treated myself to some popcorn and a pop! Jerky wasn't that into the game, either was my girls or my husband. But that's OK I had my dad and brothers on my Cell phone helping me cheer them on!

It started getting later and later. Brian said he was off to bed. I should just go to bed too. we were up by 14 points and only had 6 min left in the game.
"Your team won you know it. so just come to bed and when you wake up it will be like Christmas morning and you can find out if you won for sure or not"
I looked at him and said "are you joking? That is the stupidest thing I have ever herd!"

So I stayed up up. I am a happy girl! My cats won their 8th national championship!!!!!
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