Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of july

 We had an awesome anniversery! thanks for all the well wishes! 

          It was a HOT ONE!!
 So before the party got started Miss Belle was taking a nap and daddy was catching up on work, me and julia snuck in a little craft prodject!

We made fourth of July fans to cool us off!

Also do you remember my sweet cousin Kayla and her wonderful gift she made for the little girls in Africa?  I just love her! well her birthday is today (the 5th) and her awesome mom gave her her birthday presents early.........

     FOUR tickets to the Justin Bieber concert!!!!!
Now being a mother of a huge J.B. fan. and also having my own memory of my mom surprising me with my very first concert tickets on my birthday a LONG time ago I had to share this moment. Kayla is the best and I am so happy for her!
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