Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dirty Laundry

The girls LOVE to build tents out of blankets and pillows. I think they are very creative in their constructions but I would rather them not use my couch and instead keep the mess in their rooms! but when I asked Miss Belle to please move her tent this is what she said to me........

I try to let them have their fun but I desperatly needed the couch:

 I actually dont mind doing the laundry. In Uganda we had to hand wash everything in a bucket with a bar of soap then hang it up to air dry. The water was always cold and we never had time during the day so it was usually done in the dark while holdomg a flash light under our chin. We never got all the dust and smells out of our clothes and I ended up just donating everything I brought with me to the teachers at Cove.
So I always say a little thank you to God that I can just press a button on a machine and my clothes come out smelling good. plus I am a mufti-tasker so I love the fact that I can do laundry and dishes and feed the baby all at the same time!

I could complain about all the work I have to do and most of this laundry isn't all mine. But instead I am going to be greatful we are so blessed to have loads and loads of clothes to wear. and I also keep in mind that we want more children some day so these piles will only grow taller!

but one thing I do question is the fact that in a week span EVERY SINGLE TOWEL  in our house gets used!! how is that possible?

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