Friday, August 10, 2012

Face painting

When I was in school my favorite subject was art~ go figure! there were tons of art contest the school would host for the students to enter. I entered all of them, but not ONCE came in first because of another girl named Amber! I admit her art was ten times better than mine and she deserved to win every contest because her work was just that great. 
I might be border line facebook stalking Amber now a days because she went to college and studied~go figure ART! I love to see all her latest art projects. she does everything drawling, painting, photography, and tattoos. But the coolest form of art she does (in my opinion) is her face paintings! I love all the different ideas she comes up with and that got me thinking about my daughters :)
So we dappled in a little face painting ourselves:

First you have to have clean faces
and you need Paint. ~like I said before I very rarely go shopping for specific supplies, I mainly use what I have on hand. we used acrylic paint instead of actual face paint
 And just a warning if you let your 7 year old paint on you she will LOVE it and use WAY too much paint that when it finally dries you will feel your skin tighten up so much that you can't move a muscle in your face!
 Belle got a cat face.
 Julia wanted rainbows~go figure!

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