Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet the baby party

With Stella being our third girl and all the things I have for babysitting I felt like having a baby shower would be a little silly. we honestly didnt need any presents, We had everything! But I still wanted to somehow celebrate our new arrival. So we threw a meet the baby party in our backyard.
 We served S'mores, hot dogs and my wonderful Aunt Teresa picked up some pizzas for everyone. (you did something great so I mentioned you finally lol)
I used the old ironing board from the basement as a table :)
 We also set up a photo booth to get pictures taken with Stella. it cost $0.25 toward her college fund

 God gave us great weather that night!

 Miss Belle recently got new PJ's  and has refused to take them off!! she is  hitting the terrible two's!

We had so much fun showing off our house, back yard and new baby girl. 
And a big thank you for all the diapers everyone showed up with! Lil' Stella will definitely use them all!!

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