Tuesday, September 4, 2012


On Friday, I did a photography challenge. Every hour on the hour I had to take a picture of what I was doing at that exact moment.  all the pictures were taken on my phone and I had the alarm set to go off when it was time to snap a picture.

Started at 7:00 am time to get up!
 8:00 eating breakfast with JP and Belle
 9:00 on our way to a doctor appointment
 10:00 on our way home because I have mommy brain and the dr.'s appointment isn't until NEXT Friday!
 11:00 cooking lunch
 12:00 nap time for babies and I worked on a project I am super excited about and  hope to one day share with you!
 1:00 craft time and play time for babies
 2:00 walking to school to pick up Julia. (I get a lot of stares from strangers with two in the stroller and one in the carrier!)
 3:00 potty training
 4:00 lil Stella made a mess out of her diaper and all over mommy!
 5:00 all cleaned up and working on tummy time (look how strong she is!)
 6:00 pumped some milk for Stella to eat later.
 7:00 on my way out for girls night
 8:00 ate a yummy chili dinner and a super yummy strawberry daiquiri while enjoying a conversation with some of the most amazing women I know.
 9:00 visiting with uncle chuck
 10:00 at home getting ready for bed

It was a fun little challenge of what my day was like. I think I will do it again in October.

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