Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love sharing stories about my life and my photography through this blog but when I get the chance to share someone else story in order to help in a small way it just makes this blog that much more important to me!

Meet Zane, I met him at a wedding I shot last year. He had the biggest smile that night! I remember him dancing and dancing all night long!

When Zane was only 6 weeks old he was involved in a car accident that forever changed his life.

  He is diagnosed with quadriparesis cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment and epilepsy.
 Zane is unable to sit or walk unassisted and is non-verbal. He must be fed and changed, similar to a 6-month-old and he cannot  chew or swallow properly. All four limbs are spastic and he receives up to 16 Botox shots in his legs to help with this.
Zane is being raised of by his Grandmother.  who puts all his needs ahead of her despite her own health issuse. you see she has been fighting cancer! 
This family needs our help! big time! you see with all the doctors appointments and the fact that Zane is getting older and his Grandma is getting weaker the number one thing on their wish list would be a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle!
Well it just so happens that this month is national Mobility Awareness Month.
Chrysler, Toyota, BraunAbility, SanTan Honda superstore, and VMI have teamed together to give away 2013 Custom Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles!!!! 
it's pretty simple
 just go to this link and fill out your name (so they know you are a real person) and vote for Zane!
because he deserves to finally feel safe in a vehicle.
just in case the link doesn't work here is the address web address:

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