Thursday, March 20, 2014


I took a little drive with my mom and Lil Stella
to Omaha Nebraska.

there wasn't too much to see but I still thought it was beautiful!

she did very well for being on the road almost 11 hours!

Finally we made it and the first thing I did was snuggle my new cousin Bradley.

The last time we were all together I was pregnant with Stella. but you would have never guessed She had never met her cousins before. They all started jumping on the hotel bed and giggling away!
after jumping we got pizza and enjoyed the pool and hot tub.
but we were very exashted! 
and FYI she is not a good sleeping partner!
constant movment and kicking!!

we got our morning workout in
 Then headed to the Omaha Zoo! 
for some silly computer reason these next pictures don't want to go in the right order but
the point of them is Gorillas like to bang on the glass and pick their nose....
best buds!

my favorite part of the zoo was the lake completely filled with Koi fish and a Black Swan!
i had no idea black swans were real!
in our Cincinnati Zoo they let the peacocks run free but in Omaha they let Prerri dogs run free! they were everywhere!
after a full fun day we stopped for dinner. But Stella wanted nothing to do with us
so she left our table and fell asleep in the corner! this girl has a mind of her own.
MJ was my little helper. he volunteered diaper duty, pushing the stroller and begged me to take pictures for me :)
I am so sad to have to leave my cousin and her family behind. 10 hours apart is just not fair for family. There is a lot of family history, hurt, pain, lies and just missed memories. I had only known Crystal growing up from pictures and very few visits. but God moves mountains and I am so thankful for the relationship I am able to have with her now. She is such a strong and inspiring mother. her husband Nick is an amazing daddy that absolutely loves his family and works so hard for them. and all 5 of their kids are so well behaved and respectful yet have that sweet innocence that makes you want to hug them to death. it was not a good bye it was a see you later alligator, alllllllligator , ALLIGATOR!

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