Friday, November 14, 2014

home school preschool saint week

we did take a mini fall break from preschool.
because of THIS
but according to Miss Belle that wasn't a good enough reason to not do home scool preschool.
so this week we went back to it.

I really wanted to incorporate a lot of our faith into certain lessons and I wanted to also learn more about it myself. so this weeks theme was Saints.
every day we watched a short video about a particular saint and learned about thier lives and what made them special, also why they were choosen as a patron saint of a particular topic.

first up was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Belle's middle name is Elizabeth.

after watching the clip we filled out a little biography page.
 next was Saint Anthony.
this video was a little strange.

he is the patron Saint of lost things and souls
I took a few religous items and hid them in a bowl of beads.
we said a prayer to St. Anthony to help us find the items and then Belle started searching.
she loved this game and played it for an hour!! over and over.
 then we learned about St. John the Baptist

we made a craft of what he looked like. Miss Belle made the funniest face when we found out what St. John ate for dinner!!
 on Friday we played Saint Bingo and crossed off the Saints when they were called.

 We also worked on directions in her work book like over, under, left, right, top, bottom, inside and out. she took a test to go over all her numbers 0-10 and she passed with flying colors!!! so we are moving on to letters starting with Aa! we didn't learn any songs because I thought the saints stories were enough.

I remember a long time ago a friend was asking a lot of questions about my religion and why we do the things we do. I don't feel I know all the answers and I don't always agree with all the rules and reasons behind everything, but being Catholic or any religion I think requires you to not still have your own beliefs and reasoning and question.
 My friend asked me "why do you worship saints?"
I remember laughing at the thought of us Catholics worshiping anything other than God. but then after really thinking I could see why she thought we did.
 truth is we don't worship Saints.
 YES we name our churches and schools after a saint.
 yes we have statues and paintings of these people,
yes we even pray to them..
 but it's not the same.
 I look at it as us honoring these people that committed their lives to doing Gods work. They sacrificed, trusted, loved, and sometimes gave their lives to help spread God's word and teachings. They are people we strive to live like. our role models.
as for the praying to them part,
 we don't pray TO them but we ask them to pray FOR us.
 in the same sense that I would ask you to pray for me. We truly believe these are holy people sitting up there in Heaven with God and we are simply asking them to give God a little nudge in our direction. it's a little complicated and yet it's not. We celebrate them just like say you would celebrate a celebrity that worked in an awesome movie. They didn't write the movie or directed it but they helped bring it to life with their skills.
 a saint is not worshiped but honored.

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