Saturday, November 8, 2014

welcoming Hazel Gwendolyn

we always talked about having 4 kids. 
After having Stella I wasted no time in looking for a name for the next little one. 
at a soccer game I overheard a family cheering on their daughter named Hazel. and I immediately asked Brian what he thought of it. he wasn't a fan.....
then about 6 months later when we actually needed to figure out a name because we were expecting baby girl number 4. 
Brian was set on the name Gwendolyn. I love the name but it's little things about it bothered me. I like things to be fair and flow and go together. Even though I know no one else would noticed these things it bothered me. Julia, Belle and Stella all have shorter names with L's in them. They don't have a longer version of their name either and I love the old lady feel of their names. So I brought up Hazel again. he shot it down again. 
then one day out of no where he agreed only if we used Gwendolyn as the middle name. 
The name meaning is Commander
 Gwendolyn means Fair. Blessed
I think she will fit in very well with the other personalities in our house.

I had the mind set this pregnancy to make sure I do everything I always wanted to do but never did with the last ones. example: the belly cast, the pregnancy photography project
My biggest regret of our wedding was not having it video  taped. I obviously love photography but there is something about watching and reliving the moments threw video that I really wished we could have gone back in time and figure out a way to have someone capture that day on video. so anyway I wanted to make sure we taped us welcoming our baby girl into the world. 
and just an FYI. there are no ucky stuff on this video. no blood or shots of my personal spaces. just us meeting our daughter. promise :)
I love how it turned out.

Hazel Gwendolyn is perfect and so sweet and laid back. 
we thought Stella was a good baby but so far Hazel has Stella beat! I  mean what other newborn baby sleeps  6 hours straight through the night!?
we are so in love with her and each other and our bigger family and our life. Thank you God for this fair commander we truly feel blessed.

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