Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Silhouette craft project!

 it's been a while since I posted any craft projects
but we have been crafting a lot here!
in fact all of our gifts we gave for Christmas was homemade.
I meant to share all the gifts but never got around to it. 
anyway there has been a certain project I have had my eye on since well forever!
it's pretty easy as long as you have all the supplies...
well I guess that could be said for any project really...
so first I took a picture of each of my girls profile. 
tip: try to avoid the shadows on the wall. I didn't pay attention and it caused some issues later on.

upload the picture to the computer. turn it black and white and edit it to make it high contrast meaning make the lights super white and darks super black. (this was were the shadow gave me an issue) pint it on regular paper and cut out the outline of the head. I was trying to save ink so I erased most of the face just left the parts I needed.
I had these wooden plaques saved specifically for this project.
it had some Indian symbols and I had spray painted it white a while ago. I don't mind the texture it left on the plaques but if you want a plain wood they have them at your local craft store!

after your image is cut you will trace it and then paint. I choose to use a plum color paint just because I love color. then I hung them on the wall.
can you guess who is who?
I love how it turned out!

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