Tuesday, December 20, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I fond this note on my door.

It was informing us that the city was going to be doing repairs on the water pipes and they would have to turn our water OFF! I was preparing my family for this inconvenience. we all took baths and showers before bed. I then filled two jugs full of water so we could brush our teeth, wash hands, make baby bottles, and use for cooking. I have to admit I was getting very annoyed when i would not be able to flush the toilet! This is such and INCONVENIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then and image popped in my head of a bright yellow Jerry can!

Malaria is THE LEADING cause of death in children under the age of 5 in Uganda! Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes which breed in water. The water is then contaminated with the disease. Mothers, Fathers and children travel miles and miles to a water pump to fill these Jerry Cans full of this deadly water. They then take it home and cook, clean, and drink from it.

Cove clinic provides testing and medication for those infected with Malaria. They also teach people how to prevent the disease. (boiling the water will kill it!) but many uneducated people don't believe or feel like it hasn't killed them yet why change what we are doing? So it still lives on. The clinic is looking to expand to provide even more medial help to the local people. They are in desperate need of a Doctor. as of now only 2 nurses and a midwife are employed.

So after 9 hours of not having my clean running water in my house I stopped myself from complaining that it took so long and instead prayed for the many mothers fighting to provide their children with something I take for granted everyday, water.

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