Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carefree and laughing

One of my favorite memories of my time in Africa was when we traveled to a daycare center to get an idea of what the playgrounds looked like. We  planned on building one at Cove and Father Hilary thought we should get a better idea of  the materials and designs.
I felt like I was not being much of a help in the planning so I spotted a group of kids spying on us from across the street. 
I called them over to play some games with me.
Ring around the Rosie:

duck duck goose

 And London bridges.
 This little one reminded me so much of my little Julia back at home. She was so full of energy and didn't want to stop playing! plus I loved her use of random items as jewelry.(crayon box as an arm band) that's such a Julia move!
 I loved that moment of not a care in the world just being a kid playing games and laughing. All children have the right to have a happy carefree childhood!

I got my Kony 2012 bracelet in the mail yesterday! I know about all the controversy behind the invisible children organization and I know this is such a complicated and tough battle to stop the LRA and bring them to justice but it is a cause that is so close to my heart and I was sent to Uganda by God for a reason. Still not completely sure what the reason is but I will always do what I can to stand up for those children I met and help give them carefree days full of games and laughter,.

if you haven't watched the video please do so by clicking here!
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