Monday, June 18, 2012

His perfect Father's day

For Father's day My husband wanted to spend it with his girls having fun! How sweet!
We went to Coney Island (the Cincinnati version)
They swam while mommmy sat in the shade and took pictures.

I am giving you permission to check out my hubby's behind in these first couple pics :P

 Julia is my dare devil! She has been jumping off the diving boards with no help since she was 3! I have a mini heart attack every time and secretly wish she could still wear arm floaties......
 She says "NO WAY MOM! I don't need them!"
 I think Miss Belle is going to be a lot like her sister! She LOVES the water!
 Except when daddy puts her under with no warning!!!!

 After they swam we walked over to the rides and Miss Belle was actually tall enough to ride a few. (more mini heart attacks for mommy!)
 But julia said she would keep her safe for me :)

 The next day we went to church and let daddy sleep in. after we got back they set up the slip-n-slide.

 I am just So proud of my in the air shot I captured!

Hope you had a great Weekend and all the great Fathers got to spend father's day in some special way.
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