Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday

Well she made it!
1 year
Back up to the day she was born 
I was scheduled to be induced.
My Grandma wanted to bring me a gift before the baby was born but we all knew she just wanted to be in the room for when Stella made her arrival. 
The gift was this super cute elephant outfit.
I decided to use that outfit for her monthly picture:
1 week-11 months 

 And because I love comparing things from then and now here is the dress she wore when she was 1 day old and the bigger dress is her party dress for her 1st. birthday.
 Then I wanted to share one last thing about my big girl
shortly after we brought her home Miss Belle started calling her Stella Bug.
we don't where she got it from or why she did it but it stuck and now we all call her that.
So it only seemed fitting that I use a real Bug  in her birthday pictures.
I posted on Facebook asking to barrow a VW bug and I found the perfect family to help us out! Thanks so much Debbie! Can't wait to return the favor!

And lastly I found this poem and thought it was perfect for my Stella Josephine:

Time flies fast once you turn one,
So much to learn, so much fun.
Peek-a-boo, learning to talk,
Eating it all, learning to walk.
Loving to laugh and giggle and play,
Enjoying every moment of every day.
But while you innocently watch each day go by,
You’re unaware of the sighs we sigh . . .
For you’re growing up too fast for us.
We’ve seen it before and we know you must.
Soon you’ll be two, then three, then ten,
And we’ll look at you and wonder and say, “When?”
When did she grow up? How can this be?
Wasn’t it yesterday she looked up at me . . .
And reached for my arms . . .
And smiled that sweet smile . . .
And we prayed,
“Keep her little for still a little while.”

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