Monday, October 10, 2011

steps of life

You know that scene in Father of the bride when Steve martins character remembers all the stages of his daughter's life on the staircase? when she was little riding down the banister all the way up to her walking down in her weeding dress? I love that movie! one of those I have to stop what I am doing and watch it if its on.

one of the many things I LOVE about our new house is the fact that we want our kids to grow up here. I can already picture the girls running down the steps on Christmas morning or stomping up them when we say "you are not going to that party!" :) These stairs already have a lot of memories built into them, we are only going to add on to that.

My husband bought Miss Belle her first pair of shoes last weekend. he thinks it will finally get her to start walking if she had something on her feet. that still has not happened but I'm OK with it. I am savoring every minute of those little arms reaching up to me to carry her. She has however started climbing the steps! (90% of the time the baby gate is up) I quickly grabbed my camera and got on the floor. This has become my new favorite picture of her.
can you see her face? no
is she smiling? no shes probably sticking out her tongue because you know you can concentrate better with your tongue out.
will any of my family carry this picture around to show off? no
is this the kind of memory I want to think about when i see her walking down these same steps in her wedding dress? yes!

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