Monday, February 13, 2012

Dan's Wife

This is Dan! He is awesome! I love him! I think what I love the most about him is his love for his wife! He would talk about her and tell us stories and memories they share and you could see it in his eyes just how crazy he was about her. It was really sweet and melted my heart. I told him many times how wonderful it was to see someone talk about his wife like that. Sharyn (his wife) didn't come on the trip with us and I think I only met her once before the trip but I felt like I knew her from everything Dan told us. Dan was the hardest working person we had with us on the trip. not that we had anyone that was slacking or anything but I felt like every time I saw Dan he was covered in sweat from all the hard labor he was doing in the fields and building the playground.
Then one day we got to meet Dan's sponsor child. Her story was heart breaking! Her mother died while giving birth to her. The baby laid in a room screaming for 3 days before someone came and got her! all that screaming permanently damaged her vocals and she can not speak. A neighbor took in this baby and raised her as his own.
The thing about the Cove sponsorship program is only one child from each family is chosen to receive a sponsor and get to come to school. It may seem like a harsh thing to do and how could a parent only choose one child? But the families need the other children at home to help and in the school the teachers teach the children how to go home and pass on the information they learned to their siblings.
It was still hard for us but we understood. The thing that blew our minds was that this dad didn't choose his own blood child to attend school, or even one that speaks he choose Dan's little girl.

We were told she is an artist and loves teaching her siblings all the lessons she has learned from school.

Dan's wife had bought a few dresses to give to her during our visit. The little girl was so excited and thankful she couldn't pick one dress to wear so she put one on top of the other and looked up as Dan and smiled the biggest smile!

Dan had tears in his eyes. He looked up at me and wiped them away said,
"I wish my wife was here."

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