Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uganda : what can i give?

I remember watching the Christmas episode of Oprah, where she handed out presents to all the needy children in Africa. It was just to moving to me and I made it my life's goal to be apart of making children that happy. But when I really thought about going to Africa I always pictured I would be in my 40's or older. But when I went to church a week or two after having my baby girl I couldn't stop thinking about what I read in the bulletin, Uganda Mission Trip! I truly felt like God was hitting me in the face saying here's your chance! I contacted the youth minister at church , Kim and told her I needed to go with them. she told me the huge amount of money I would need but she reassured me that we would get me a ticket with them. Soon after that meeting I came up with an idea. Everyone I met kept advising me to start my own photography business. I always felt to scared and had no clue where to start. Then I decided I would offer photo sessions for a donation toward my trip. and within 8 months I collected the money!! and before I knew it was packing my bags!
a week or two before I left I was questioning why me? what do I have to offer? I'm not a doctor, a teacher or any professional person that could really make a difference to help these extreemly needy people. Then I remembered my job and schooling before I had the baby, I was a dental assistant. we collected two suitcases full of tooth brushes and tooth paste and I could teach the children how to properly brush their teeth!
I have never seen children this excited to get a new toothbrush! (it's a screaming battle at home to get The Julia to brush.)
the next day I woke up and saw these two children scrubbing there teeth clean! it warmed my heart to feel like I was able to help in someway.

a huge thank you to all the dentist offices that donated! we had more than enough to pass out at the school we stayed at and even to the villages around!
There will be more post about Africa to come I promise!

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