Monday, September 30, 2013

the house that built me

I am sure if your a country fan like me you have herd 
it was written for me
not really but if sure feels like it
you see back in 2005 (5 years before the song came out)
 It was the end of my senior year in high school and I felt like it was the end of my life as I knew it. 
everything was changing
people I called my best friends were leaving
I was leaving
growing up
making adult decisions that would forever shape my future.
But before I took another step I need to go back.
 the house I grew up in 
The place that I had so many happy memories before my family spit up and my parents got divorce.
It was a time of childhood bliss
playing in the woods
running barefoot in the grass catching fire flies
it's were I played pretend and wrestled my brothers
money was always tight but we never felt like we were deprived of anything.
Christmas, birthdays, and listening to my daddy play guitar.
our puppies died and we buried them in the back yard
My mom picked out a wallpaper and my dad spent a whole day putting it up for her
we planted flowers and carved pumpkins.
My mom hated the house
was very old and needed a lot of work
Daddy had tons of plans but then 
things changed.
They changed.
and we left.
I was 12 years old but that house 
that time before everything
just seemed like paradise and happiness.
I missed it and I needed it.
So when I turned 18 I went back.
The new owners were a young couple with young children 
I walked around and things looked so different. 
I felt strange so I didn't stay long. 
the paradise was gone The happiness was not in that house for me anymore.
 things change.
I drove by the house every so often and would always smile.
then it was gone
 all that is left is the mailbox 
1904 Jamison rd.

I sometimes still feel all the hurt from that time.
I have so many questions but never the courage to ask
I wish things would have been different but then I also know that I am who I am because of what happened. 
I feel like God has a way of telling you to move on and this was my sign.
the house is gone, that time is gone.
I now have my own house with my own husband and kids. 
I so desperately want to give them that dream childhood that I briefly experienced. It means more to me than almost anything
 that they have happy carefree memories
that they see first hand a healthy loving marriage
and supportive family that they can feel free to talk about their feelings and hurts
I want them to be able to come back to the house that built them.

cute family

I met this awesome super cute and so wonderfully patient so understanding and perfect little family!

 Gosh don't you just want to take them home and watch them be so cute all the time! 
ok that sounds a little creepy 
but seriously look at the love just oosing from this picture:

 and this is is going to be a favorite father daughter picture of mine for a long time!
 Miss Evangeline is just so Precious!
 and her new brother is pretty darn cute and squishy too

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

beautiful birthday

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.
my husband took me to dinner and then planned on a movie but I had other plans :)
he's such a good sport
I wanted to go to the park and sit on canoe and paint
best birthday ever!

then at my mommy prayer group another mom told me that an older lady from india told her that 27 is the most beautiful year in a womens life.
she explained that the women is more mature than her early 20's but yet still has a youthful spirit.
I loved hearing that.
I think back on all the things I had done in my life. all the goals I can check off and all the things still left on my bucket list. 
I can't help but smile and just become overwhelmed with joy and love for all the blessings God has given me.
Here is to my most beautiful year!
I can't wait to see what happens next!

Monday, September 23, 2013


She has been fighting nap time
thinking she is too big to sleep
My momma always likes to remind me that I was the same way.
We  both just sat in our  room reading books and playing with baby dolls.
but one day after all the kids were picked up I found her deep in dream land on the couch.
the lighting was perfect and I knew these pictures would turn out beautiful!
so what else could I do but take a few pictures..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Car wash

the weather here has been so wonky!
it's was in the high 90's one day and then the low 50's the next! 
that's Cincinnati for you though.
I have been watching a few new kids lately 
I love them all so much!
it's so funny to me the way God puts people together 
Kylan and Tanner have been such a great addition to our little group. They love to help with the babies and then they are great friends for Julia.  
on this day with it being so SO hot, the kids were restless and a little grumpy I thought what can we do that will keep them busy, have fun and stay cool?

but also makes me feel like a mean mom for laughing...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

bread disaster

OK we have traveled this road many times
my cooking
it's never good
here is a few examples of my disasters
well a couple of months ago I visited my grandma and her whole house smelled so yummy!
she was making home made bread, rolls, donuts and biscuits
it was messy but some how looked like fun and ever since I wanted to try my hand at a loaf of bread.

 It turned out beautiful!
yes there is an except

I only had 2 and half cups of flour and the dough was still sticky
so I looked in my cabinet for something to use as a substitute
lets just say corn starch is not a good substitute!
it tasted horrible!
my pictures are pretty though right?! that has to count for something.....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jackie and Grayson get married!

I feel so blessd to do what I do.
I get to capture moments in someones life that they will never forget.
I captured their prom
then their proposal
and now their wedding!!

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Cangrates Grayson and Jackie!
I am so happy for you two and can't wait for more big moments in your life I get to be apart of ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pumpkin pie

Last year I brained stormed with an old friend from high school who had just given birth to her little boy. We wanted to stick her baby inside a pumpkin
time goes so fast and now that squishy newborn baby is 1 year old!
Jackson is one lucky little boy
he is growing up on a pumpkin farm 
tractors, fields, pumpkins and family all around!

we decided to do a little Brunsman twist to the birthday cake smash 
pumpkin pie

Happy Birthday Jackson! 
you are one special little man 
and I am so glad I get to watch you grow and capture it!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a perfect picnic turned nightmare!

Me and my hubby got some updated pictures taken of us
 He loves me so much!
 it was such a perfect day
 We had no idea what they were!
They got closer

 and attacked us!

 before we knew it we were bitten and now we are one of THEM

counting down the days til 

Walking Dead!!!!
My favorite show :P

Sunday, September 8, 2013


You remember my little personal project that started with Mrs. Garnette right?
Well I met the Huber family earlier this summer when I was in need of a VW Bug for
 Stella's one year pictures
This family blew me away!
their generosity and warm welcome made us feel like we had known them forever!
I feel so blessed to have them in our lives now 

Gary has an unknown medical condition that has within the last two years progressed so much that he has lost his mobility and speech BUT this does not make up who he is!
 Gary's wife said with all the recent health problems he has been very depressed but then an abandoned dog close to starvation and obviously beaten showed up on their street. They rescued him and now Gary has a light back in his eyes again and he loves to play keep away with his toys.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Queen city Kings

Queen City Kings
a really cool band here in Cincinnati
we walked around the streets of cheviot and took some band photos

 These were so much fun and really different than what I useually do so I LOVED it!!!
but to be honest the editing was a little dificult for me..
you can't do any extreme close up and soft focus black and white and brighten the catch light in their eyes to make it twinkle. they needed to be more artistic and edgy. but although different I still LOVED IT!
check out Queen city Kings here on facebook
and check them out at their next gig!
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