Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the end of an era!

I am going to go down memory lane.
And if you don't want to take the trip then......... click out of here
After all my blog is called: Chachi's memories!

5 years ago I gave birth for the first time. I held this little person and studied all her features. Sorting out what pieces came from me or her daddy. I was in awe of the whole process of growing this baby and birthing her. With a lot of help from God we made this creature and now we are to mold and shape her into the person she will become.

 She is the one that made me a stay at home mom. I couldn't bare the thought of someone else witnessing all the first and little mundane moments that add up to her childhood memories. I didn't want to miss a thing. So quit college, cut my work hours to just 2 days a week and then eventually was able to strictly work from home.

 And I got what I wanted. Every smile, tear, meal, bump, triumph, scare, joke, doctor appointment, library time, picnic, play date, sickness, field trip, holiday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I got to be apart of it all.
 I have watched her grow and her personality shine. She truly is my side kick and best friend. She makes bad days better. I couldn't have asked for anything more. And I knew this day was coming so we spent all of this passed year preparing. But mainly preparing mommy.

 You see it's 8 minutes passed bedtime but I can't seem to bring myself to actually put her to bed. Because that means she will wake up and have entered into a new phase of life. One that I can't be apart of. The days of answering the question with "she stays home with me." Are over.  She's officially going to be a school girl. Just like that. 
I knew this was going to be hard but this hard?
 I don't want to do it. 
She's ready, she's excited 
and I am acting my butt off like I am just as excited.

I made my husband take off work to be my support. I am seriously going to cry buckets once that kindergarten door shuts and she is not paying attention to me.
 Being a parent is hard.
 It's a lot of money, sleepless nights, stress, mental and physically draining but the hardest part that no one really warns you is time speeds up 10x faster after you have child. My 6 pound 2 weeks early newborn grew in a blink of an eye and is heading off to her first day of school. 
But I am going to fight it just for tonight.
 It's me that's begging for more time in the bathtub, one more glass of water, one more bed time story, one more hug and kiss and one more "I love you"

she's going to do great and I will learn to cope with this new phase in life. I am forever grateful for the last 5 years and all the memories.
 it's the end of an era for her
 but the beginning of a great adventure. 
School. friends. learning. teachers. growing in her interest and discovering new interest.
 I am excited for her but if someone was to make a time machine I would gladly take a ride on it :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

A 5th letter to Belle

Dear Belle,
5 is going to be an extremely hard year for me.
your not a baby, your not a toddler 
your a full blown kid.
getting ready for school and being more independent.

From the very start you have been my side kick, my best friend, mini me and just the daughter I always dreamed of having.
You are so sweet and loving
kind and caring
you put everyone before yourself and you are quick to be the second mommy that your sisters need 
you are so creative and artistic
that mind of yours is always wanting to explore and try new ways of creating.
you fascinate me.

 Your laugh is so high pitch and contagious.
you are so funny and positive.
but you are still very shy. and only a select few get to see all that is special about you. I love and hate that.
I understand you not wanting to trust everyone and wanting to get a read on the people around you but I pray that you don't let that guard of yours hold you back from doing some amazing things! 

 Your Daddy calls you his princess. it's because your so delicate and fragile, proper and sweet.
you love to dress yourself and most of the time it's skirts and a sparkly top that almost never matches. and that blonde hair has seemed to calm down a little but still hasn't grown much at all.
 you do have a sneaky side though. and you try to convince anyone else to do your dirty work. like tell Stella to sneak in the kitchen for a handful of cereal. or if  you get something extra you quickly run to your sisters to kind of rub it in their face but somehow it's not in a mean way.  you are a very picky eater and you stay up way too late.
your 4th year was the best year and I wouldn't change a thing. 
I am so proud of everything we learned together and how much you have grown
like I said earlier I am grateful to see 5 but also so very sad. your my girl and your growing up way faster than I wanted.
 Happy 5th birthday 
Belle Elizabeth Taylor

love, mom

for her party
she asked for a princess theme.
all her aunts, cousins and babysitters came dressed as Princess

 sleeping beauty
 Tinker Bell
 We had a pinata of Flynn rider's face and we hit it with a frying pan
 We grilled out and had a bouncy house and blow up obstacle course

 The girls all got princess wigs and the boys got foam swords
 Aunt Ashely made your princess castle cake

 and we played kiss the frog prince (kind of like pin the tail)
It was a success and everyone seemed to have fun! 
I hate throwing parties because they stress me out 
and I don't think I am any good at it.
but I am really happy with how the princess party came together
and SO many people helped 
thank you thank you 

this picture is bad
but it also is me not knowing what I am doing while cutting the cake
so I kind of liked it 
again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Belle!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hazel is 9 months!

 9 months in the Belly and now it's been 9 months out!
Brian said something like we should celebrate it because it's too sing-song like not to celebrate. 
well I don't know how to celebrate that 
except maybe give you more of your favorite yogurt bites.
but looking at those thighs of yours I am thinking you might already have plenty of yogurt bites.

 you have really become such a mama's girl.
Daddy said he let me have you since the others prefer him. 
I think you just don't like his facial hair tickling you when he gives you kisses. 
but you do love spending every waking moment with me in your sight.
 Your favorite thing to do is play in the water. 
 I wanted to do your 9 month pictures based on that.
plus I bought these cute little sun glasses and couldn't resist.
 You are crawling now and really good. 
your up on your knees and rocking back and fourth before you take off.
 you love the walker too
 and figured out that you can get around fast in there
 your chasing your sisters running over their toes every chance you get. 
They don't like that too well.

 You are just so happy 
not really giggly and smiling
 but Happy
laid back and taking it all in
You are a breath of fresh air for this family that has 2 crazy dramatic loud sisters.

 your sleeping is getting better at night
 but one thing I have been really impressed with 
lately is the fact that every morning when I pick you up form your bed 
you purposefully drop your Binky down. 
like you know it's only for sleeping. your sisters (besides Stella/thumb sucker) fought us on that rule till they were 3 years old! Go Haze!

I love you so much 
and I promise we figure out some way to celebrate 9 months in and 9 months out.
maybe a thigh master.......JUST KIDDING! hehehehe what else would I tickle if they were gone?

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