Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hazel is 9 months!

 9 months in the Belly and now it's been 9 months out!
Brian said something like we should celebrate it because it's too sing-song like not to celebrate. 
well I don't know how to celebrate that 
except maybe give you more of your favorite yogurt bites.
but looking at those thighs of yours I am thinking you might already have plenty of yogurt bites.

 you have really become such a mama's girl.
Daddy said he let me have you since the others prefer him. 
I think you just don't like his facial hair tickling you when he gives you kisses. 
but you do love spending every waking moment with me in your sight.
 Your favorite thing to do is play in the water. 
 I wanted to do your 9 month pictures based on that.
plus I bought these cute little sun glasses and couldn't resist.
 You are crawling now and really good. 
your up on your knees and rocking back and fourth before you take off.
 you love the walker too
 and figured out that you can get around fast in there
 your chasing your sisters running over their toes every chance you get. 
They don't like that too well.

 You are just so happy 
not really giggly and smiling
 but Happy
laid back and taking it all in
You are a breath of fresh air for this family that has 2 crazy dramatic loud sisters.

 your sleeping is getting better at night
 but one thing I have been really impressed with 
lately is the fact that every morning when I pick you up form your bed 
you purposefully drop your Binky down. 
like you know it's only for sleeping. your sisters (besides Stella/thumb sucker) fought us on that rule till they were 3 years old! Go Haze!

I love you so much 
and I promise we figure out some way to celebrate 9 months in and 9 months out.
maybe a thigh master.......JUST KIDDING! hehehehe what else would I tickle if they were gone?

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