Monday, December 31, 2012

top blog post of 2012

My silly little blog has grown so much in the last year! I still find it so funny that people actually enjoy reading what I have to say. even though I misspell at least 3-4 words per post you still come back. Thank you so much! I wanted to put together the top ten blog post of the year 2012

10) whats the going rate for babysitting

a post about my sister and her friends
9) Push
my mom finally doing what she loves to do
8) more important than a bird
this post was about me quitting my job and doing what I want to do

7) What a wonderful world
such a happy day for one of the best couples I know
6) young love
a sweet proposal

this post was hard for me to share because I was pretty self continuous 
4) Stella Josephine Taylor
meet our new addition

3) wedding in a barn
one of the best weddings ever!
The biggest lesson I learned 
1) today is the day
a collection of all my pregnancy pictures
I have 18,000 views on my blog! thank you so much for reading. here's to tons more in the year to come!

my family 2012

2012 for my family was a happy blessed year
 here are my favorite pictures from it

Sunday, December 30, 2012

families of 2012

This year I took a bunch of online photography classes.
One thing I kept hearing was I needed to make a mission statement.
something that describes what I do and what sets me apart from all the other photographers out there. 
This was really hard for me and I am still tweaking some parts of it. but here is my rough draft of the my mission statement:
Chachi's memories promises to capture lasting memories of you and your loved ones sharing unique relaxed fun experiences together.
I want to reach out side of the box and have fun.
I have been so blessed with each and every one of my clients so much so that it feels weird calling them clients, they have all really became good friends of mine.

Here are my favorite family pictures of the year 2012:

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