Saturday, August 11, 2018

Belle's 8th birthday letter

Dear Belle,

you are so unique.
I love that so much!
you always find your own style and run with it regardless if anyone else understands or not.
since you were around two years old you have been interested in vintage cartoons
Dumbo and Elmo were your first loves.
then you were obsessed over 1970 versions of Spider man and friends. you would act out the character Fire Star.
 I legit had no clue who she was before that time.
 then you started to grow out of that little kid phase and I was kind of sad because I just found that who thing fascinating. it wasn't the cool thing or what your sisters did. it was all you.
 you started reading and you gravitated to the comic book section. 
when you started doing book reports you actually found 3-400 page books written in complete comic book style and the teacher let you do your report with that book!!
again I liget had no idea those existed before then.
again you are you
no reason to be embarrassed or change for anyone.
you inspire me.
you have a personal style that to me screams artist. 
you like to wear black everything everyday but have some sort of pop of color somewhere,
 a headband, bag, shoes, jewelry. 
you dream of going to Paris. 
It's your life goal right now to get there. 
you haven't said much about why or what you plan to do but I know without a doubt you will make it. I just hope you think I am cool enough to go with you. 
because it's my life dream to see my kids live out their dreams.
you still are the funniest person I know.
 if ever I have a very corny mom joke I know you will laugh and come back with an even better one! you make me laugh so hard till my belly hurts sometimes and I love it! 
on the hardest days you know how to put things in perspective and find some reason to smile. 
Thank you.
Art is still your passion.
you have a desire to join cheer leading again.
my quite shy girl wants to scream her heart out. 
a beautiful balance.
you remind me you're not to be grouped with your younger sisters anymore.
 you are growing. you are maturing. 
you are the age now that you can put your own laundry away, you can walk to the neighbors to play in her backyard, you can get yourself a drink, you can carry groceries inside, you can make your bed, you can brush your own hair, set the table and clear your plate, pour your own cereal, buckle your car seat AND help buckle your sisters, 
you have proven yourself a big girl.
 I am working on accepting that.
 the help you give is not unnoticed or unappreciated. I don't know what I would do without you. but 8 years old isn't an adult yet. don't worry girlie that will come way too fast for this mom.

I love you so much Belle Elizabeth.

Happy birthday!
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