Saturday, July 15, 2017

5th letter to Stella

Drear Stella,
you made it to your big 5th birthday!
I reread all the letters I wrote to you for the past 5 years and I am so proud to say not much has changed. you are still the happiest bubbly sweetest girl. 
I look at you and just feel so blessed.

 This day 5 years ago was the most intense emotional day of my life. I was so terrified of any health problems but so excited to finally meet you. from the moment I found out I was pregnant with you I felt this extreme bond we had already had. I knew you were a girl, I knew you were going to be a spunky sweetheart. but what I didn't know is how much you would teach me to trust God and really learn to lean on my faith. from the moment the doctor said something was wrong with your ultrasound to even just yesterday when you stepped on a bee, you prove that prayer works. I am so grateful for your lessons and your love of God. it's always so inspiring to hear you pray in the back seat of the car when an ambulance drives by or if the rain might ruin our fun plans. 
The strong bond we have I know is nothing compared to the bond you have with our lord. it's such a privilege to see that.
 you bring so much color and brightness and just ooze happniess every where you go.
you are a wonderful friend to everyone. 
not shy one bit.
it's hard to explain to people why we are choosing to wait on starting school
it's because you are not ready to grow up just yet and I am not going  to rush it.
one more year of you being home sounds perfect to me. 
I promise to make this year a fun filled adventurous year. 
We are going to work hard on getting you prepared for kindergarten but we are also going to spend lots of time enjoying each other.
 You love my little pony...still
your thumb
wearing pj's
being a homebody
your sisters
being a daddy's girl
cowboy boots
all of your Grandmas
1 on 1 time
making me draw bunnies
AND ketchup on everything.....even pancakes
 You are not a fan of
washing your hair
running errands
letting go of the ladder at grandma's pool

and you are extremely accident prone.
I have never met anyone who gets poked in the eye more than you! 
along with every other random slim chances of crazy things to happen to someone it will happen to you someday I am sure of it.

 Stella Jo as another year is over I am sad like I always get because my babies are growing
but you make life so fun I just can't wait to see what you have in store next.
Happy Birthday 
I love you.
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